Steel sculptures of cute robots.

A family of Fun Robots

On June 26, 2006, fourteen lucky bicycle parts were subjected to plasma, argon, and whim to create Ziggy, a lovable little robot who now lives at the Skunkadelic studio space. Little did Ziggy know he was the first in several hundred of his kind, evolving into many different sizes and classes of Astrobot. Ziggy proudly bears witness to the birth of each of his children, and loves to imagine all the adventures they will have over the hundreds of years they will endure. Astrobots are built to live very long lives!
Built to last for centuries

Astrobots are composed of sturdy repurposed TIG-welded steel. TIG welding is the process of melting metal with a plasma arc with a hand-held torch positioned one millimeter above where the two pieces meet. Power is controlled by a foot pedal, and wire is hand-fed to fill the gap. There is no stronger way to hold solid steel together.

Skunkadelic News

Lonely Astrobots are idling in relocation outlets in Arlington and Somerville Massachusetts

the birth of an Astrobot: