Trophies for the Independent Film Festival Boston

For several years I have had the honor of making the trophies for the winners of the Independent Film Festival. While I doubt anyone is shooting with film cameras anymore, I find that style of movie camera so iconic that I went with it anyway.

Almost all of the pieces in these works happen to be from bicycles: three axles with axle nuts for the legs, a clutch (base) and a driver (lens) from a coaster brake, and the head of a quick release axle for the eyepiece. The other three parts are a spend CO2 cartridge and a couple of hole saws that Seven Cycles wears out by coping titanium tubing. The plaques are hung by a couple of stainless steel bicycle spokes.

Engraving on my own brass plaques used for SCUL insignia were custom ole-school engraved by Joseph at Mission Trophy in Arlington.

In 2010 I made a Career Achievement Award for Kevin Kline: a talented actor with a sharp wit and a kind heart. I wanted to tell him about all the other crazy parts of my life, but I tend to keep my mouth shut around celebrities, since I’m guessing they have their share of fans blabbering about their bicycle chopper gangs and outrageous adventures and costimes.

Here are the award winners for the 2013 edition:

Grand Jury Prize Narrative Feature:
Directed by Chad Hartigan

Grand Jury Prize Documentary Feature:
Directed by Richard Rowley

Grand Jury Prize Short Film:
Directed by Sandy Patch

Karen Schmeer Award for Excellence in Documentary Editing:
Edited by Francisco Bello