The Catalog of Skunkadelic Astrobots

I’ve been TIG-welding discarded steel machine parts together to make cute little robots since 2006, and I’ve been steadfast on my mission to document each and every one of them in this catalogue. I enjoy seeing all my work in this archive format: I use it to look back on techniques and evolutionary build decisions, as well as remind myself of forgotten tricks of the past.

I’m still sorting through old records and pictures and adding them into the family line as time allows. I see the catalogue as an art piece in itself: to put all my Astrobots together chronologically allows a study of the evolution of the species, as well as my growth as a sculptor. I like to imagine all these works belonging to a big family; with elders, siblings, and children.

If you are looking to adopt an Astrobot, please visit to my available Astrobots page. If your favorite Astrobot has already been adopted I have an exciting custom Astrobot program.