Boston Globe: Community Raises $17,000 to Help Somerville Icon Fix Teeth

The fundraiser to help me out with my teeth has gained even more momentum: Steve Annear from the Boston Globe came along on a SCUL mission to get a sense of what the community I belong to.


Drop and Give Me Twenty

It’s been a long-standing tradition in SCUL to go by your call sign handle and to not reveal your civilian, or “civi name” to one another. In fact if we do a push-up for each time we’ve slipped, cumulatively throughout your career in SCUL. While I’ve always made art, I didn’t make a business of it until 1997, a couple of years after SCUL started. Since I had been in the papers already as ‘Skunk’, it seemed like continuing that tradition into my art career made a certain amount of sense. The Boston Globe always wants two things from a source: your age and your ‘real name’. While SCUL has been able to resist giving civi names to the press for the most part, this time it’s different. Besides, I’ve been looking for the right moment to pull the mask off after so many years.

The article was both on line and in print. Since the time of the article’s release to the time of this post the fundraiser has grown from $17,000 to nearly $30,000, almost reaching our goal.

Here the full article.