Show and Tell: Working with Video


I have a lot more experience with photography than I do with video, and while the two can be certainly associated, video has been a bit more of a learning curve.

From determining where you are going to shoot, to fixing it up to be free of distractions and background noise, to setting up the hot-lights, and configuring settings on the digital SLR for video: the hours add up fast. I did about ten takes, and I used the last one. I recorded the sound on a separate recorder, and put it all together in Premiere with opening and closing graphics that I created in Illustrator.

The background music is a lovely little piece I titled “work in progress”, back when I was spending more time with Abelton Live. I am excited to produce some new soundtrack pieces with future videos in mind: making music is something I used to do a lot more of.

After getting all the timing and sound fading right I exported the media and uploaded to YouTube: only to find a typo in the serial number in the video. Delete, fix, re-export, and re-upload and PRESTO! A full day and night’s work, boiled down to one minute:

Now I know why movie credits can be so long!


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