I’m Just Gonna Rearrange your Face Now: More Toothy Tales


The fundraiser for my teeth has been life-changing and it hasn’t really even started in some ways.

In the last six moths I have visited three different dental teams in eight visits. I have had molds made from impressions, x-rays, and a 3-D image of my skull to see where we can anchor things. Six teeth need root canals, eight need crowns, and three need posts and cores. I’ve had a lot of deep scaling and cleaning. But now it’s time for something more dramatic.

Looks like a movie prop for a puppet.

Looks like a movie prop for a puppet.

The Plan

The teeth that are positioned behind my front two teeth will be removed. Many of the other teeth will be shaped. While the bone heals I will have plastic teeth that are not easily removable. After a healing period a final impression will be taken for upper non-removable porcelain teeth/crowns/bridges. The one missing upper left bicuspid I will place a dental implant to support a crown. After the upper teeth are done the small lower teeth will be removed, and the two lower canines will be shaped for a temporary bridge. Like the upper after a healing period we will make impressions for the final teeth.

The big day is Wednesday August 19th. Wish me luck!


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