January 11, 2012

Donate Metal

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Materials used come from supporters who generously set aside interesting metal objects for me.  Please contact me if you have potentially helpful materials in the Somerville area. Delivery is a big plus, but I do have a sturdy bicycle with an enormous trailer capable of hauling a few hundred pounds.

Donation Materials that I will take Any Time

I’m always seeking the following dysfunctional or obsolete objects.

  • coaster brake bicycle hubs
  • three-speed bicycle hubs
  • bicycle bottom bracket axles
  • angle iron bed frames
  • worn-out hardware: nuts, bolts, washers, etc.
  • hand tools, such as shears, wrenches pliers, etc.
  • small gears
  • spark plugs (low stock)
  • lengths of 1″ copper tubing longer than two inches*

With the exception of the copper tubing (as well as certain stainless steels), if it’s not paramagnetic (a magnet doesn’t stick to it), I can’t weld it.

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