The Robot Book: a Never-Ending Work-in-Progress

portfolio closed

A circular saw was used to cut my portfolio from the aluminum bench that was used and abused to make the first and many robots, as well as many other creatures and objects.

I’ve been working on a book for a few months now: a catalog of each and every robot I’ve ever built, from Astrobot #1, Ziggy, to the latest. As I approach the 300 mark, it’s become increasingly challenging to keep up with the documenting and publishing the most current work, let alone digging into the past. It has been a worthwhile study for me: revisiting old work inspires me to see some combinations of things that I’ve forgotten, and to reflect on the direction I’ve taken as a sculptor.

While my recent record-keeping has reached a refined and organized routine, early records are sometime crude, or worse, missing altogether. However I will do my best to get this record book as comprehensive as I can.

The outside of the book is made from my old weld bench, the very surface where many of these robots were born. There’s all kinds of arc outs, scorch marks, gouges and scratches to feel on the cover. I designed the book to make it easy to update pages as the book evolves.

The portfolio catalog can often be seen at my Ready Room Gallery space at the Artisan’s Asylum. If it’s not there, it’s because I’m working hard on an update.

portfolio Nikolie

As you thumb through the book, you will be able to see the de-evolution of the work.

Astrobot Owners, Lend me your Audio Sensors Bandwidth

Find the Robot book! See what it has to say about your robot.

If Your Robot is in the Book

Lucky! Most Astrobots have not been represented in this book so far.

If you find me next to the book I will give you your page and print another one to replace it later.

If Your Robot isn’t in the Book

Alert! One of two things are going on:

  • Option One: I have some documentation, but I haven’t gotten to publishing your Astrobot’s section of the book yet.
  • Option Two: I don’t have data about your Asrtrobot.

In either case, I encourage your to add any contributions to the book as you like. The left page is left blank for your contribution.