An Ear of Corn

I'm ready: got my lucky cap.

I’m ready: got my lucky cap.

Tomorrow I go in for the first session of my dental surgery funded by the community. After hearing a few people say they had similar procedures and how brave I was for doing this, I must admit I began to feel nervous, but the feeling was brief. I’ve endured two separate five-hour tattoo sessions without anesthesia, so this should be a piece of cake.

Cake. The very word triggers thoughts of my strictly regimented dental hygienic regiment; full-throttle water pick. Electric toothbrush. Floss. Mouthwash. Twice a day, every day, forever and ever. Don’t get me wrong: I love sugar in small doses. But I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

When it comes to food, I love farm veggies. I eat loads of vegetables: a family-sized farm-share shows up on my doorstep every week, so the war on veggies is ever-on. The secret to keeping up is to center the meal around the ripest things in the fridge.

I gnawed on several ears of corn today, microwaving them one-at-a-time in their husks: no butter or salt needed. As I gnawed on the last ear I realized won’t be eating corn this way for a spell, which makes me savor it all the more. Then I realized how much better my new teeth will work: no big gaps that get clogged with food, which made me appreciate what people have done to help me out. I’m guessing there will be many little things to add more joy to the relief I am soon to receive.

The supporters of this campaign helped to make profound changes in me: not just my dental health, but for a deeper appreciation of the fellow human beings of my community. I couldn’t have been given a greater gift.


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