Sunni v235

The very first in of Nova Class Astrobot, Sunni is an elegant robot with a light-up glass skirt.

“Astrobots are made to be strong enough, and cute enough, to have the potential to live forever”.

This was the mantra for creating Astrobots. The experiment is to make keep these beautiful little pieces of steel from being melted down as long as possible. In order to do this, it needs be cared for.

Sunni represents a major shift in Skunkadelic philosophy which stood for eight years by incorporating the relatively delicate material of glass into the work. Sunni is the vanguard for a new line of Astrobots called Nova Class: a bot that blends light with steel. Articulation of the torso, neck, and wrist offers a wide spectrum of body language. Hand-painted gold enamel racing stripes by Boston fine artist Cortney Leigh Cox.

Even though the glass skirt has a fair amount of thickness, Sunni needs somewhat more delicate care than any of the 234 of her older brothers and sisters; nevertheless it is the hope that her charm will keep allow her to keep herself in tact enough to give her a happy life–perhaps well past 100 years or more. Her skirt is a fairly common fixture size for our age, and I’m guessing someday she may get some kind of upgrade from a 20-watt incandescent bulb and an in-line dimmer, but I hope she stays reasonably inefficient for as long as possible.


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