Juniper m210

Mercury-Class Astrobot #210

Juniper has lots of flair and poise: she’s confident, charismatic, healthy, keen, interested, engaged. I love how her tiny bronze eyelashes and dimples came out.

I used brass and bronze three-speed coaster brake parts for her cinnamon-bun hairstyle, a la Lady of Elche

The wings are made from retired veterinarian surgical tool. If you look at Juniper from the front, the handle looks like hoop earrings. I have been holding onto these for years, waiting until I felt my level of artistry was ready to use such a rare find. I was concerned about the weld-ablity; surgical steel is not necessarily known for it weld-ability. Nonetheless the metal behaved beautifully.

The skirt however, was a more justified concern. Turns out taps don’t weld to bicycle coaster hubs easily. It took a good amount of patience to get each tap attached securely.

The black rivets are a first: normally I stick with the silicon-bronze wire for rivets, but I may explore other materials in future works.

And she can sing, to boot!

Last known whereabouts: Maine


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