Made-to-Order Mercury

Dream up your very own Mercury Class Astrobot, made to your specifications.

A robot figure created from welded repurposed steel isn’t something you think could be available as a custom made work-of-art, however it’s entirely possible! Many pieces that are used in construction, such as bicycle axles and hubs, are readily available and therefore repeatable: other pieces are one-of-a-kind, making each Astrobot unique.

As an artist I enjoy collaborating with others. The made-to-order program has been very successful: everyone who’s gone custom loves their Astrobot.

Made-to-Order Astrobot Owner Quotes

I think the word “amazing” is so overused these days, but that is how I feel. And not only did you capture the idea it is so well executed. You really put spirit into these Skunk! – Marco C. (Gaia m316)

Just what I wanted. – Alan K. (Pokarok m298)

The detail work is amazing. – Sean N. (Opa m224)

How it Works

  1. You fill out the Made-to-Order Astrobot form below.
  2. I get in touch with you via email to go over the details.
  3. Once we have a plan, you submit your 50% deposit.
  4. As I create your Astrobot, I send photos to you from time to time.
  5. Once the Astrobot is completed, we settle up the other 50% plus shipping.
  6. The Astrobot is packed up, and begins it’s journey to it’s new forever-home.
  7. Your Astrobot arrives, and the two of you hopefully live happily ever after.

Be patient: current custom Astrobot lead time is six to eight weeks. If you need one by a particular time to be able to give as a gift, or for whatever reason, please let me know and I will do what I can.

Note: filling out the form does not require a deposit.

Astrobot Construction From

Hello, who are you?

Please check any classes of Astrobots you are interested in.
Mercury (deluxe): $600Castillo (simple): $400Ion (flyweight): $300Neutrino (pocket): $480Dionysian (ragdoll): $400Proteus (poseable): $2,000Unsure

How human vs. robot would you like your Astrobot?
As Close to Human as Possible Given Available PartshumanoidAugmented HumanRigid RobotAstromech R2-D2 Styleundecided

Please check all attributes that interest you.
Slight BuildAverage BuildHeavy BuildFeminine TraitsAndrogynous TraitsMasculine Traits

How would you like your Astrobot posed?

How many work-in-progress photos would you like?
LotsSomeOnce CompletedNo pictures, surprise me!

When are you looking for this Astrobot?
take your time, I never rush art.Sooner is better, but only because I am excited.As soon as you can.By a certain date:

I am interested in visiting the Skunkadelia studio in Somerville Massachusetts, to help pick parts, and/or witness some of the creation process.

Note: Not all features and options are available for all classes of Astrobots, but I will certainly try my best.


Place your deposit to put your Astrobot order into production. You do not have to place a deposit to send in the form.

This is a 50% deposit.

The other 50% plus shipping will be billed upon Astrobot adoption.


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