Eris j259

34 bicycle parts, 4 Millbury factory loom gears, lathe chuck, drill press cover, crankshaft, 4 industrial auger bits, machinist parts, typewriter, hardware, bronze, copper

It takes a lot of very special larger pieces of steel to make a figure of this size: some of the parts have been stored for years, waiting for the collection to amass.

Eris evokes some complex emotions, which can shift based on the viewing angle: if the viewer’s eyes are below Eris’ eyes, she sports a bit of an attitude. If Eris’ eyes are lower than the viewer’s eyes, she smiles. Her body language hints to another presence in the area, as if she’s stretching a bit to get a closer look at someone or something.

If I had to pick one piece that represented a triumph for my efforts to push my artistic endeavor to its limits, Eris would be the one. She is fierce, yet childlike, strong and assured. A real synergy: separate the pieces in your mind and put them in a bucket: a presence will be lost.

105 lbs.
46″ x 25″ x 13″


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