Private Welding Lessons

Yes, you too can learn to melt metal with a lightening bolt.

The fine craft of TIG welding does not come easily, but will certainly open a lot of doors for those willing to challenge themselves. Just about anything a magnet sticks to is weldable. Specialized welding lessons are available as well, such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper and even titanium. Specific projects are welcome.

While prior welding experience is a plus, I’ve taught hundreds of people who have had no prior experience. Students are encouraged to maximize the effectiveness of the private lesson by taking the TIG welding course at the Artisan’s Asylum. My class offers a more economical and comprehensive training experience than a single hour private lesson: however, a skilled student get get started in just a few hours.

Session Types

Introduction Session: Introduction, safety, settings, practice and critique laying a bead, joining material.

Training Session: Time in the saddle with continuous feedback and encouragement

Advanced Session: Aluminum, titanium, copper, and/or stainless.

Custom Session: Any combination of any above that will fit into an hour, as well as project-specific training.

Cost is $100 per hour lesson. Students must be over the age of eighteen.


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