2007 – 2014 / Somerville Open Studios

Vive la Somerville Open Studios!

Somerville Open Studios is an event not to be missed. 401 artists in twelve hours? That gives you 1 minute, 47 seconds to see each artist. Good luck! No one hu-man can possibly see it all without the aid of time travel devices. If you don’t have one handy, check out the Somerville Museum: they’ve got the artist’s choice exhibit, which acts as a targeting computer for your brand of talent. Romer is there, posting watch.

Skunkadelic Coordinates: 75 Bartlett Street, Somerville System.
Time Index: Saturday and Sunday, May 5th and 6th, noon to 1800 hours

Got the robots. Got the rayguns. Got the rocketships. Come meet my fetching new Jupiter Class Astrobot; he’s not done, and not yet named; but he plans on being online by Saturday 1200 hours,. And for those who love beer as much as art, come and try the XO of SCUL’s homebrew: he’s an expert and you will not be disappointed.