Twenty-Five Hours in the Dentist Chair

I am pleased to share with everyone that after ten visits in the last eight months, all the major dental visits are now complete! Each visit was was such a tremendous relief: I felt as if a curse was gradually lifting off of me. In fact, I think there was a part of me that was perpetually fighting the infection going on in my mouth. So with each session came a great sense of relief and joy: something to look forward to.

Unusual Birthmark

I discovered this unusual birthmark on roof of the mouth of my cat, Bootsy Tiberius Khan, only two days after I put him in the basket of my trusty bicycle pickup-truck (aka the Skunkamobile) to take him home from the shelter: yet this is the first time I’ve managed to be lucky to be holding the camera set up correctly in order to catch him at just the right moment.

Home Made Pizza Crust

My friend Asher shared her pizza crust recipe with me years back, but I’m just now beginning to experiment with baking. It’s great getting sticky and covered in flour, and it’s not nearly as finicky as I suspected. I’m very pleased with the difference it’s made from using store-bought crusts.