Talk at the Robbins Library: Space Exploration by Bicycle: the Adventures of SCUL

Wednesday, May 11th: 7:00 p.m. Robbins Library 700 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington MA I don my Fleet Admiral uniform and speaks of origins, influences, and notable adventures of the twenty seasons of pilots flying structurally-modified and electronically-enhanced bicycle-machines known as ships, on rides known as missions, in the greater Boston area and beyond.  

SCUL Flight Formation Drills

Believe it or not, SCUL pilots often hone their chopper-handling skills from time to time. We had the pleasure of being followed by camera-toting drone owned and operated by one of our newest recruits, f-stop For more information visit The Friendly Skies on

Twenty-Five Hours in the Dentist Chair

I am pleased to share with everyone that after ten visits in the last eight months, all the major dental visits are now complete! Each visit was was such a tremendous relief: I felt as if a curse was gradually lifting off of me. In fact, I think there was a part of me that was perpetually fighting the infection going on in my mouth. So with each session came a great sense of relief and joy: something to look forward to.

Photo: Jim Kiely

Double Vision: Talk at 13 Forest Gallery

Back in August I gave a talk at 13 Forest Gallery about my childhood, starting and growing a bicycle chopper gang, and the evolution of the Astrobot as a species designed to live through the ages. It was a real pleasure to have such an engaging and provocative dialogue with the folks who came to the talk. Gallery hosts Marc Gurton and Jim Kiely are always going out of their way to help everyone feel welcome and at ease.

An Ear of Corn

Tomorrow I go in for the first session of my dental surgery funded by the community. After hearing a few people say they had similar procedures and how brave I was for doing this, I must admit I began to feel nervous, but the feeling was brief. I’ve endured two separate five-hour tattoo sessions without anesthesia, so this should be a piece of cake.

SCUL at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem

Back in May the friendly neighborhood chopper gang infamously known as SCUL received a transmission from Soniya Tejwani, the Museum Educator at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA, inviting us to participate in event called B.Y.O.B. or Bring Your Own Bike night, on May 15th from 6-9 p.m. While typically we ride on Saturnights, we were excited to travel to a system we had never chopped, and to be involved with something as grand as this event was an offer we couldn’t pass up.

Grand Opening of the Ready Room Microgallery

As some of you may have heard, I’m transforming the upper-half of my studio space at the Artisan’s Asylum in to a microgallery: to be called the Ready Room. Please join me in celebrating my new level of commitment towards sculpture and art in a celebration, and see my newest never-before seen works. Warning: this is a fifty foot space, so things will be crowded to say the least. I will do my best to accommodate!

Unusual Birthmark

I discovered this unusual birthmark on roof of the mouth of my cat, Bootsy Tiberius Khan, only two days after I put him in the basket of my trusty bicycle pickup-truck (aka the Skunkamobile) to take him home from the shelter: yet this is the first time I’ve managed to be lucky to be holding the camera set up correctly in order to catch him at just the right moment.

2007 – 2014 / Somerville Open Studios

Somerville Open Studios is an event not to be missed. 401 artists in twelve hours? That gives you 1 minute, 47 seconds to see each artist. Good luck! No one hu-man can possibly see it all without the aid of time travel devices. If you don’t have one handy, check out the Somerville Museum: they’ve got the artist’s choice exhibit, which acts as a targeting computer for your brand of talent. Romer is there, posting watch.

Home Made Pizza Crust

My friend Asher shared her pizza crust recipe with me years back, but I’m just now beginning to experiment with baking. It’s great getting sticky and covered in flour, and it’s not nearly as finicky as I suspected. I’m very pleased with the difference it’s made from using store-bought crusts.

Iron Cog 2009

The Iron Cog Award is the highest honor you can receive in SCUL. It is typically given to only one pilot once per season. Each Iron Cog trophy is different. I try to make each trophy suit the pilot. Sometimes they spin dangerously, and sometimes they are on fire.

Boston Metro: Dancing Machines

Since the dawn of time, kids have longed for one thing: badass robots to come to life and be their friends. Until science figures that one out, we’ll settle for imagining adventures with the metallic sculptures by Somerville artist Skunk, many of which are made from discarded bicycle parts. Our inner child spoke with the artist about how totally awesome his work is.

Artscope Magazine: Metal Scultpture By Skunk

Many Bostonians know Skunk by sight. He is a man hard to forget. You may see him on his way to work perched on a tall bicycle constructed from two frames ingeniously welded together. And at night if you hear disembodied soul music floating through your window, Skunk’s bicycle mounted stereo is likely passing through your neighborhood on its way home.