SCUL: Admiral’s Log: Wrapping up the Season

A quick report. Saturday was good.

MRC was very productive. DubbleU replaced the sonic disruptor dishes on Cloudbuster, and Treekiller upgraded the laser mounts for the Disco-Deth Stah. We also replaced some of the mast. Retard got Lazarus put back together again: no small feat considering it split in two mission before last!

We had a crew from Northern Light Productions along for ‘Operation No One Goes Home Until All Our Hands are Pruny‘. Nothing like a good hard fall night rain to get the blood pumping. My radiation suit got caught in the driveplate of Cloudbuster, and gave me a real good scare, but I managed to free myself as the adrenaline leapt into my bloodstream and I avoided a terrible crash. I’ve startled myself awake on more than one occasion since. That would have smarted. I’m glad SCUL has learned to have so much fun despite what the weather offers us. For anyone who closely follows the weather, it’s rained nearly every Saturnight this season. Imagine how we’ll do next year when the curse has lifted!

We’ve got one mission of the 2009 season left, but it’s a big one. Between closing ceremonies and Hallowheels it’s a real warp-core drainer, but I’m pacing myself and trying not to overdo it. Keep your fingers crossed for a balmy evening Saturnight.