SRS Starstriker

Once a Kenmore Vacuum cleaner, now a John Henry Class Rocketship: the scourge of the galactic rim. Fins are made from plasma-cut circular saw blades, adorned with spent CO2 cartridges.

The SRS Starsucker is the largest of the Skunkadelic Starships to date. Constructed from a 50’s Kenmore vacuum cleaner graciously donated by greenGoat. Complete with original landing gear. Plasma cut fins made from spent circular saw blades. The stern is constructed from some old car part, bicycle coaster-brake parts, and spent CO2 cartridges.

The nosecone opens to a massive cargo bay which would most likely hold all your action figures.

Dimensions: 37″ x 13″ x 13″
Weight: 9 pounds

Racing Striped hand painted enamel by Cortney Leigh Cox.


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