Rocketship Stylus

Asimov-Class Rocketships’ mission: to be a calligraphy dip stylus pen.

I had originally made these tiny rocketships as a sculptural piece: they were originally dubbed Tom-Thumb Class Rocketships. A friend of mine suggested having it also function as a pen. It dawned on me that I actually had some reclaimed dip pen nibs.

For illustrators there is no rival to the nib pen. They produce a finer line than a fountain pen, better control of ink flow. Nib pens can also use waterproof ink: a must if you are coloring over the lines in watercolor.

Many people think the best way to load the ink onto the pen is to dip it into the bottle. This can overload the pen and make a real mess. The best way is to use the eyedropper to load the reservoir.


I hacksaw the top off a spent CO2 cartridge and weld another CO2 cartridge on top. I then add the fins, aka flooring nails, a spire, a decorative portal, and lots and lots of silicon bronze ‘rivets’.

Specifications and Maintenance

Each rocket comes with a 2.6 oz. supply of ‘Rocket Fuel’: high-quality india ink.

Here’s a clip of one in action, back when they were called Tom-Thumb class.

replacement parts available upon request


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