Morce p185

Morce is a totally pose-able robot figurine made mostly from bicycle parts and ball-bearings. His chest is adorned with a antique typewriter part which took hours of gratifying disassemblage work: there are a lot of parts to a typewriter, all of which are beautiful both while integrated as a machine or separated to an aesthetic metal shape. I enjoy the repetitive process of building each ball-and-socket joint. Calibration was a series of experiments, with special-order parts such as tiny stacks of disk springs, and grinding the tips of axles to adjust joint tension, when I finally had the idea to use split washers for spring tension. This was the breakthrough needed to allow the robot to be posed without tools, and to have the tension enough to hold dynamic poses.

Morce is so expressive for the camera, it’s as if he’s full of surprises.

17.5″ tall


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