Mace m225

Mercury-Class Astrobot with articulated heavy-duty wings and bright yellow racing stripes

I created Mace to be a heroic Astrobot. In this particular instance the inspiration presented itself in the form of two pieces of 4130 chrmololy steel aero-shaped tubing scraps from one of Paul Carson’s experiments: a set of bicycle fork legs. These leftovers were to become the mighty calves of Mace. Building around these pieces urged me to scale up to something larger than my comfort zone, which is perhaps why I see so much heroism in Mace; poised as if ready for anything; equipped, fingers outspread and ready, eyes on the horizon, and outfitted articulated wings, just in case. Bold and meticulous racing-stripe work by Cortney Leigh Cox. Mace’s spirit calls for bold lines, reminiscent of TRON, meticulously hand-applied with durability in mind.

Currently available for viewing at 13Forest Gallery.


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