Ada m222

Mercury Class Astrobot #M223.
Activation Date 140219.
Weight: 4lbs, 15oz.
Dimensions: 22″ x 10.5″ x 7″

“She could get anything with eyes like that”, was the first comment to be made of Ada. Her eyes are particularly large compared to most Astrobots, and the tiny holes in the gears hint to complex feelings.

Ada is most likely the second to last of the Astrobots wear an end-mill skirt. It’s extremely rare to receive donations of used metal so beautiful, colorful, and consistent, so something needed to be done to put things over the top: Instead of welding directly to the body, Ada has a bearing ‘belt’ that allows the skirt to spin 360 degrees in either direction. Her head does the same, twisting up or down the threaded bolt for a neck.


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