Hathor j114

Award winning Jupiter-Class Astrobot with adjustable eyes.

The story of Hathor as I was told was something along the lines of this story, although I may not be remembering it perfectly, as there are many variations of the story:

The sun god Ra was losing the attention of the populous, and decided one day to do something about it by giving Hathor omnipotence for ten days. She was to reign terror on the planet, no holds-barred, to get some attention. Hathor began her work, killing lots of people. When she got a taste of human blood, she realized she loved it! This caused her to kill much more quickly than Ra had expected, and the population was rapidly depleting and was due to run out days before her tour. Ra became upset by this: what good is being a god without followers! When Ra becomes upset, the sun cooks the land. With all the blood and guts around, the heat made the stench unbearable to those still left alive. Ra had all the attention he wanted, but was powerless against Hathor’s omnipotence. All he could do was advice the remaining population to sprinkle barley on the blood to absorb the smell. In the heat , the blood and barley fermented quickly. Hathor got a taste of this, and liked it even more than the blood! She quickly drank up all the fermented blood-wine, and wound up passing out. When she awoke with a god-sized hangover, her omnipotence had expired. She was built a temple which was filled with food and drink, for every time she needed rest on the way back to her home. 

Building an Astrobot this large completely out of scrap metal is no easy task. It can be difficult to get the dissimilar metals to join strongly enough to support the 90 pounds of metal. Not only do the welds need to be strong enough to support her standing, but also when being moved, which is much more stress on the welds than being stationary.


  • Best in Show, Arisia 2009
  • Art Show Staff Choice, Arisia, 2009
  • Best in Show, Arisia 2011

43″ tall. 90 lbs.

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