Made-to-Order Castillo

Pre-order your Castillo Class Astrobot, made to your general specifications.

Fill out the form below to help me get a sense of what you have in mind. Submit a deposit to put your place in cue. If you have a deadline in mind please let me know in the additional comments field.

I enjoy sharing the decision making process with others, and the level of which you’d like to participate in the collaboration process is up to you. I hope you enjoy this early decision making process of creating a one-of-a-kind Astrobot.

Astrobot Construction From

Hello, who are you?

Please check any classes of Astrobots you are interested in.
Mercury (deluxe): $600Castillo (simple): $400Ion (flyweight): $300Neutrino (pocket): $400Dionysian (ragdoll): $400Proteus (poseable): $2,000Unsure

How human vs. robot would you like your Astrobot?
As Close to Human as Possible Given Available PartshumanoidAugmented HumanRigid RobotAstromech R2-D2 Styleundecided

Please check all attributes that interest you.
Slight BuildAverage BuildHeavy BuildFeminine TraitsAndrogynous TraitsMasculine Traits

How would you like your Astrobot posed?

How many work-in-progress photos would you like?
LotsSomeOnce CompletedNo pictures, surprise me!

I am interested in visiting the Skunkadelia studio in Somerville Massachusetts, to help pick parts, and/or witness some of the creation process.

Ready to Order?

Place your deposit to put your Astrobot order into production. You do not have to place a deposit to send in the form.

This is a 50% deposit.

The other 50% plus shipping will be billed upon Astrobot adoption.


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