Astrobot Calendar 2017
jaunma-facevanessa bust leftryan-m291-looking-rightOpa_Full_Frontjenavieve-run-frontdanaan-leftmarvel busttate-bust-rightAda-SkunkadeliaEmaline bustkyler-c266-head-and-toronikolie-frontExample of bindingskunkadelia-calendar-january-2017

2017 Astrobot Print Calendar

The first ever Skunkadelic Astrobot calendar has arrived. Twelve Astrobots. This calendar is created, photographed, designed, printed, bound, and signed by the artist. Prints limited to 100.

A highly functional calendar which displays previous and next months, holidays, full and new moons, eclipses, and meteor showers. Lots of room on writable matte paper for adding your plans, hopes, and orbital landmarks.

11 x 22″