Pick Your Own Parts: I Will Weld Them Into a Robot

The most fun part of making Astrobots is choosing the parts and the pose. I enjoy sharing this part of the process with others. Since the custom Astrobot started in 2007, every collaborative piece has been helped me experiment and break out of my shell a bit; the above picture’s eyes and hat are a great example.

Here’s how the process works.

If you live or work in the Boston Area:

  • Visit me at my microgallery studio at the Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, MA.
  • We hand pick the pieces of your robot from my  organized parts collection.
  • We document the parts placement with a few photographs, sketches, and notes.
  • You pick the name, either own your own our with the help of my robot-baby book.
  • You watch some of the welding process: the birth of your bot!
  • Get photo updates sent to you electronically as progress is made.
  • You return later to pick up your new Astrobot.

If you unable to visit the Boston Area:

  • Do some window shopping.
  • We collaborate over phone, email, Skype, or whatever
  • You pick the name.
  • I pick some parts and send you a picture.
  • Get photo updates sent to you electronically as progress is made.
  • In two to four weeks depending on the model, your new Astrobot is shipped.

Choose from the following Astrobot-Classes:

  • Neutrino Class – Pocket-Sized Astrobots – $200 ($100 deposit, $100 upon adoption)
  • Ion Class – Small Astrobots – $300 ($150 deposit, $150 upon adoption)
  • Castillo Class – Simple Astrobots – $400 ($200 deposit, $200 upon adoption)
  • Mercury Class – Fancy Astrobots – $700 ($350 deposit, $350 upon adoption)
  • Proteus Class – Poseable Astrobots –  $2,000 ($1,000 deposit, $1,000 upon adoption)

All Astrobots are:

  • meticulously TIG Welded from 100% re-purposed steel.
  • built to last the ages.
  • hand-made one-at-a-time.
  • equipped with a boilerplate with the robots name and date of birth*.
  • cute as the dickens.

*Neutrino Class Astrobots are too small to be able to have a boilerplate and are hand-engraved directly to the steel.

Questions? Get in touch with me to start a conversation.

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