Talk: Chaos into Order – Practicing the Way of the Organized

Wednesday March 29th 7 – 8 p.m.
At the Artisan’s Asylum: 10 Tyler Street Somerville Massachusetts

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When space is at a premium, stuff needs to get organized, or stress will ensue. Join Skunk in exploring the joys and habits of organized living.

free for members and Friends of Artisan’s and a $10 suggested donation from the public

Thrilling Topics Include:

  • Organizing as a Way, not an Event
  • A flowchart for dealing with stuff
  • The smarter closet system
  • Choosing the right storage systems to suit your needs
  • A full box is a useless box
  • The stupidly-simple way of organizing files
  • How to de-cruft without the heartbreak
  • Riding the incoming tidal waves of crufty objects that don’t fit anywhere

About Skunk

When someone imagines the life of a junk metal sculptor, they often picture huge unorganized heaps of steel bits all tangled together. Let me assure you that’s not an environment that fosters creativity! It has been a long and thoughtful journey from not knowing what I have to knowing where everything is. I’m extremely excited to share my thoughts and experiences with those who yearn to break free of the clutter and chaos of objects out of place.

The Artisan’s Asylum Speaker Series seeks to engage our community and inspire us to make the world we want to see. Register here to reserve your spot in any of our upcoming sessionsAll events are free for members and Friends of Artisan’s and a $10 suggested donation from the public.